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ENGAGE IN EFFECTIVE FEEDBACK:                      Incorporating the Skills of Improv

Wednesday, December 7th 9am - 4pm. HUGE Improv Theater, Minneapolis. $170 - $180

“When students see hope and possibility, they are much more willing to engage, persevere, and achieve.” -- Nicole Vagle (2015)

The formative use of assessment through descriptive feedback is among the most effective instructional strategies available to educators-- and also the most underused.  This workshop is designed to build competency in developing quality standards-based assessments and practicing the feedback skills necessary to move learning forward.

Explore quality assessments using the Design in 5 protocol.  Incorporate the skills of Improv to build effective, engaging and actionable feedback leading to increased student achievement.

This workshop is produced jointly by Jim Smith of Lighthouse Learning Community and Blake Wanger, President and Founder of Spontaneous Education, LLC!

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Contact Jim Smith, Lighthouse Learning Community


Phone 651-464-1384

On Twitter – @MrDataGuy

OR Blake Wanger, Founder and President of Spontaneous Education! LLC 


This Program will be held at:

HUGE Improv Theater                                                                                                                                              3037 Lyndale Ave S.                                                                                                                                                         Minneapolis, MN 55408