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Check out these fun, interactive, workshops and performances for all members of the school community! All educational programs are designed to align with State Standards and the Common Core Standards for Education. Available as one time programs or ongoing workshops, where the fun and learning build through a series of repeated sessions. These programs are also great for home school programs (minimum 3 students) youth organizations and community programs! 

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Use Your Inside Voice And Your Outside Mind

"Use Your Inside Voice and Your Outside Mind" is our signature improv workshop for teachers. Recently featured at the Education Minnesota Convention, the Minnesota Business Educators Convention, and the Value of Play Convention at Clemson University, This exciting, interactive program give teachers of all grades and subjects an introduction to using improv in the classroom to enhance instruction, management and assessment, and help their students build confidence, creativity and camaraderie!

Teachers learn by playing fun educational improv games and exploring empowering improvisation skills that can make instruction, management and assessment less stressful and more fun! The best part is all of the games and activities used in each workshop also work great in classroom with students of any age!

Standard (2 hours) - Discover the basics of how to apply the "Yes, And" philosophy of improv to instruction, management and assessment. 

Full Day  (5 hours) - Dig deeper into the content of the two hour workshop and explore strategies for applying the concepts in specific classroom environments. 

Here's What Teachers Say About "Use Your Inside Voice and Your Outside Mind":

"Very Good! Tons of new activities to use!"

"I know how to make my class even more fun. Thank you!"


"Yes And" Lesson Plans

"Yes And" Lesson Plans is an exciting, highly interactive workshop for teachers of all grades and contents which focuses on building lesson plans around the "Yes, And" philosophy that is the core of improvisational theater. Teachers will learn how to make fun more educational by combining their course content and the things their students enjoy most to create engaging, effective and fun learning experiences. This workshop also focuses on strategies for using the "Yes, And" philosophy in classroom management, and includes several spontaneous play activities that can be used in any classroom. 

Preferred length for this workshop is two hours, but timing is flexible up to 5 hours.

"Yes And" Lesson Plans has previously been featured at the 2016 US Play Coalition Conference and the 2016 Midwest Regional Conference. 

Here's what participants have said about the "Yes, And" Lesson Plans workshop:

"Great presentation with lots of ideas for ways to engage teachers and students."


Team Building

Faculty Team Building programs are immersive workshops for groups of teachers and administrators, loaded with fun and empowering improv games and challenges designed to build camaraderie! These workshops focus on "Yes, And" communication and collaboration! 

These workshops run 2 hours. 

These high schoolers had a blast at our show! 

These high schoolers had a blast at our show! 


School Shows

A hugely entertaining, highly interactive live improv show with our team of talented performers! All games involve audience participation and many include opportunities for audience members to come on stage and play with us! This is a great program for assemblies, school fairs and fundraisers, parties, dances, faculty programs and more!

 Available for all grades all subjects. Performance lengths are flexible, with a 30 minute minimum and 90 minute maximum. 

Audience Reviews:

"You guys were awesome!" - Minnesota Dakota Key Club Student


Content Specific Workshops

These programs are a quick and easy way to introduce playful learning in your classroom. Students and teachers will love these fun, engaging games, and teachers will see firsthand how to use these games to captivate, educate and empower their students. Workshops can even be held in multiple classrooms over the course of a single day. Games and activities are chosen for each specific classroom based on grade level and content area.  This means that workshop content may vary from classroom to classroom, however objectives and outcomes will remain consistent.

Available for all grades, all subjects. Content Specific workshops just for teachers are also available. Programs are designed to fill one class period, but can be repeated with numerous groups of students over the course of the day.  


Team Building

Team Building programs are immersive workshops for groups of students, loaded with fun and empowering improv games and challenges designed to build camaraderie. Team Building programs for students will generally also incorporate relevant course content so participants keep learning while they play! 

Available for grades 4+. Offered as a half day (2 hour) or all day (5 hour) retreat held at your school or one of our Twin Cities partner locations, such as HUGE Improv Theater. 

All aboard the "Zany Bus!"

All aboard the "Zany Bus!"




These programs offer a fun, safe place for students to meet, laugh a lot, and build confidence, creativity, and camaraderie while they let their imaginations run wild! Available for grades 1-8 for weekly or daily sessions. Flexible scheduling is available, including all day programs for non-school days / inservice days.